How Courtney Used Pavlok to Become Her Best Self

Meet Courtney – she’s a super busy mom and a savvy business entrepreneur who loves to stay fit. Juggling everything on her plate while chasing her personal goals was a daily struggle until she cracked the code with Pavlok.

In just 5 months, Pavlok has brought a remarkable transformation to Courtney’s life with new levels of enthusiasm, energy, and motivation she never thought were possible.

Not only is Courtney able to manage her hectic schedule; but she’s also feeling more fulfilled, focused, and accomplished than ever before.

See how she tackles her morning routine, conquers busy workday, stays fit, and ensures a good night’s sleep – all with the help of her Pavlok.

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Pavlok harnesses the power of aversion technology with proven scientific methods and techniques that help millions of people each day conquer their habits and reclaim control of their lives.

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