4 Healthy Habits Working from Home

Many of us have transformed our daily routines completely since working from home. And in the age of remote work, it’s essential to hone habits that maintain good health, bolster productivity, and promote a balanced work-life dynamic. 

While working from the comfort of our homes brings a unique set of challenges, adapting and building effective habits is crucial.

Here are four healthy habits working from home that you might find helpful. Remember, take what you can from this post and apply it to your unique situation.

1. Practice Healthy Stretching Habits When Working from Home

When working from home, you’re likely sitting at your computer for longer than normal, or even doing work from your bed during random hours. If this is you, good stretching habits can have a massive impact on various aspects of your work and health.

Enhances Focus

Stretching can rejuvenate the mind, increasing alertness and concentration. It provides a break from continuous sitting and stimulates blood flow to the brain.

Reduces Muscle Tension & Pain

Working from home often means prolonged periods of sitting, which can lead to muscle stiffness, especially in the neck, back, and shoulders. Regular stretching alleviates this tension and prevents pain.

Promotes Good Posture

Stretching the chest, shoulders, and hip flexors can help in maintaining an upright posture, countering the hunch that develops from hours of desk work.

Boosts Energy

Stretching increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to various parts of the body and brain, which can revitalize energy levels.

Decreases Stress

Physical movement, including stretching, releases endorphins, the body’s natural stress-relievers, helping in mood elevation.

Breaks Monotony

A stretching break can serve as a mini-reset for the mind and body, breaking the monotony of continuous work.

Improves Flexibility

Over time, a regular stretching routine can increase flexibility, making everyday movements more fluid and reducing the risk of injuries.

How Pavlok Can Help Support Healthy Stretching Habits When Working from Home

Timed Reminders

Set Pavlok to zap you at intervals, reminding you to take stretching breaks throughout your workday.

Habit Reinforcement

If you’re consistent with your stretching routine, Pavlok can provide positive feedback through chime rewards and vibrations, reinforcing your habit.


Should you skip or delay a stretching break, Pavlok can give you a gentle zap, serving as a tactile reminder of the importance of this beneficial habit.

Habit Tracking

Utilize Pavlok’s habit-tracking features to monitor your stretching consistency over time, helping you stay committed to the routine when working from home.

By combining the benefits of stretching with the habit-forming support of Pavlok, remote workers can enhance their physical well-being and productivity simultaneously.

2. Practice Healthy Eating Habits When Working from Home

Working from home presents a unique opportunity to redefine our relationship with food. With the luxury of our kitchens at our disposal, this can be both a blessing and a challenge. 

On one hand, we can indulge in fresh, nutritious meals tailored to our needs. On the other, the constant lure of the pantry and fridge might derail our best intentions. But with some conscious effort, we can harness the benefits of this newfound culinary freedom.

Accessible Nutrients

With your kitchen just steps away, you have the advantage of choosing fresh and nutritious ingredients straight from the fridge, rather than settling for processed, packaged meals.

Customized Meals

Working from home allows for personalized, freshly prepared meals tailored to your taste and nutritional needs, ensuring you get the right balance of macronutrients.

Avoid Unhealthy Snacking

When the pantry’s within reach, the temptation is high. Stocking up on healthy snacks ensures you fuel your body with quality, even during those quick snack breaks.

Mindful Eating

Without the distractions of a communal office space, you have the opportunity for more mindful eating, savoring each bite and recognizing when you’re full.

Cost-Effective Choices

Preparing meals at home can be more economical, and you can channel savings into buying higher quality, organic produce from the store.

Flexible Meal Times

While maintaining a routine is beneficial, working from home does offer flexibility. You can eat when it’s best for your body’s internal clock, enhancing digestion and metabolism.

How Pavlok Can Support Healthy Eating Habits When Working from Home

Shopping Reminders

Set Pavlok to remind you to create a healthy grocery list, ensuring you stock up on nutritious essentials and resist impulse purchases.

Healthy Fridge Alerts

Configure Pavlok to give you a nudge when it’s mealtime, directing you to the fridge’s healthier sections and away from those tempting treats.

Overindulgence Deterrent

If you catch yourself reaching into the cookie jar too often, a gentle zap can serve as a reminder to opt for a healthier snack alternative.

Positive Reinforcement

Each time you choose a balanced meal or a nutritious snack over junk food, customize a vibration sequence on your Pavlok to act as a pat on the back, reinforcing the good behavior.

Meal-Prep Motivator

Use Pavlok to set reminders for meal prepping. Having ready-to-eat healthy options reduces the chances of opting for fast food or unhealthy alternatives.

By aligning the advantages of working from home with the habit-building capabilities of Pavlok, you can cultivate an environment where healthy eating becomes second nature.

3. How Limiting Distractions Helps When Working from Home

In the comfort of our homes, we’re surrounded by potential distractions. While home offers unparalleled coziness, it also presents a myriad of temptations that can disrupt our workflow. Recognizing and actively limiting these distractions becomes crucial for maintaining productivity and mental well-being.

Boosted Productivity

A distraction-free environment means tasks get completed faster and more efficiently.

Enhanced Focus

Without constant interruptions, you can dive deeper into your tasks, improving the quality of your work.

Reduced Stress

Juggling multiple distractions can be mentally exhausting. Limiting them can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Achieve Deep Work

With fewer disturbances, you’re more likely to achieve an optimal flow state, where you’re fully immersed and enjoying your work.

Better Work-Life Balance

Efficient work in a distraction-free environment can mean finishing tasks earlier and having more personal or family time.

How Pavlok Can Support a Distraction-Free Work Environment

Task Reminders

Set Pavlok to remind you of your primary tasks, ensuring you remain on track and resist drifting away into pointless distractions.

Distraction Deterrent

Use the Pavlok Productivity Chrome Extension whenever you’re tempted to check your social media feed or watch just one more YouTube video. When Paired with your Pavlok, a gentle zap can bring you back to focus whenever you open up a specific website in your browser.

Productivity Tracking

Pavlok’s built-in pomodoro timer helps monitor your focus periods and breaks, providing insights into your work habits.

Break Time Alerts

It’s essential to have short, structured breaks to refresh. Pavlok can remind you when to take a break and when it’s time to get back to work.

Fortunately, with tools like Pavlok and a determined mindset, you can transform your living space into a sanctuary of focus and efficiency to promote a distraction-free work environment.

4. How Disconnecting from Work Helps When Working from Home

When our homes double as offices, drawing a line between ‘work’ and ‘life’ is crucial. When work emails are just a click away and the office is in the next room, disconnecting might feel like a challenge. However, this separation is essential for our mental well-being and overall life satisfaction.

Mental Rejuvenation

Giving your brain a break from work-related tasks helps in refreshing and recharging it for the next day.

Work-Life Balance

Clearly defining when the workday ends helps maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life. Completely shutting your computer down instead of closing it and turning off notifications can be a big help.

Reduced Burnout

Continuously thinking about or doing work can lead to burnout. Disconnecting helps in preventing this.

Quality Personal Time

Disconnecting ensures that the time you spend with family or on personal hobbies is undisturbed and of higher quality. No exceptions!

Better Sleep

Ensuring a clear separation from work, especially close to bedtime, can lead to better, more restful, stress-free sleep without worry or distractions.

How Pavlok Can Support a Disconnecting from Work Habit

End-of-Day Alert

Set Pavlok to zap you at your designated finishing time, signaling the end of the workday.

Positive Reinforcement

Receive a gentle vibration from Pavlok as a reward each time you successfully disconnect and step away from your workspace. Over time, this will embed the reward in your routine and give you something to look forward to. Remember, small steps leads to BIG changes!

Overwork Deterrent

If you continue working beyond your set hours, a zap can also act as a reminder to wrap up and relax.

Mindfulness Prompts

Use Pavlok to remind you to take deep breaths or indulge in a short meditation session, aiding in the transition from work to relaxation.

Crafting a clear boundary between professional tasks and personal relaxation time isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity. Embrace the power of disconnecting, and watch your work-from-home routine dramatically improve along with your mood. 🙂


Pavlok harnesses the power of aversion technology with proven scientific methods and techniques that help millions of people each day conquer their habits and reclaim control of their lives.

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