Bed Bugs, Squashing Stress, and a Horrifying NASA Video

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1. Beat Anxiety, Stress, and Negative Thoughts with Pavlok

By implementing behavioral conditioning techniques into your daily life, you can squash anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts. Pavlok uses aversive impulses (mild electric shocks) to interrupt your negative thought patterns in real-time and forces you to shift your focus to more positive affirmations.

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2. How to Use the ‘Military Sleep Method’ to Fall Asleep Faster

Also known as the 4-7-8 breathing technique, the Military Sleep Method involves focusing on your breathing to divert your attention away from racing thoughts, helping to facilitate a smoother transition from scrolling on your phone to drooling on your pillow. 😴

Source: The Big Think

3. Stock Your Fridge with These 6 Proteins to Help You Lose Weight

Research indicates a compelling link between protein consumption and weight loss. If your goal is shedding pounds, consider incorporating these six healthy protein options into your diet for effective weight management. 🐓

Source: Eating Well

4. Yup, Your Bed Sheet and Pillows Contain More Germs Than a Toilet Seat

According to some eyebrow-raising findings, unwashed bedding can harbor as much bacteria as the toilet, your toothbrush, and the dog bowl.

And the longer they go without a cleaning, the more bacteria join the party. 🦠

Source: Amerisleep

5. Absolutely Horrifying NASA Video Shows What Global Carbon Emissions Look Like

A new NASA animation visualizes the ebb and flow of atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions around the globe — and it’s absolutely terrifying. 🌎

Source: NASA


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