Digital Depression, Quitting Sugar, and Lab-Grown Chickens

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1. A Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is the practice of restricting food intake to specific hours of the day and holds the potential for transformative effects extending far beyond shedding pounds.

Research claims that this approach may yield notable advantages, including enhanced brain function and improved heart health. ♥️

Source: Healthline

2. What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Sugar for a Month 

Sugar, that high-risk culprit, lurks behind the curtains of type 2 diabetes, particularly when concealed within sugary foods and beverages. Offering no nutritional merits, it merely fuels your cravings and leaves you yearning for more.

But bidding farewell to sugar also bids farewell to unwanted pounds, as the scales tip in favor of a healthier, more balanced you. 🍪

Source: Love Life Be Fit

3. USDA Approves the Sale of “Lab-Grown” Chicken

Two California-based companies have successfully obtained final clearance from the USDA to sell lab-grown chicken in select upscale restaurants in San Francisco and Washington D.C. 🐓

Source: New York Times

4. Depression in Teens Has Doubled Because of Social Media Influence, a New Study Confirms

A significant surge in depression rates among teenagers is attributed to the pervasive influence of social media. Nearly half of today’s teens express feelings of depression, incompetence, and a general “lack of joy” in life, a staggering twofold increase compared to a decade ago. 📲

Source: New York Post

5. Ticking Time Bomb: The Perfect Storm for a Devastating Tick Season

The U.S. is preparing for what might be its worst tick season yet. With longer summers, milder winters, and a host of other disease-spreading factors, empowering elements, ticks are poised to wreak havoc this year like never before. 🕷️

Source: TIME


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