How Bud Used Pavlok to Quit Smoking


Bud was a smoker for nearly three years. He wanted to quit because smoking made him miserable; it was causing anxiety and he felt physically sick from smoking. But because nicotine changes the way your brain operates, he just couldn’t stop.

Like so many others before him, Bud tried to quit again and again, but it didn’t happen. Dozens of attempts at quitting cold turkey failed, as did both the patch and gum. He continued to smoke up to two packs a day for three years.

“Smoking left me feeling anxious, sick, and with a terrible cough, but I just couldn’t stop.”

Bud had been a fan of Pavlok since the very beginning and decided to invest in a prototype with the sole purpose of quitting smoking.

“Using Pavlok for the first time (while it wasn’t pleasant) was an incredible feeling. It suddenly helped me maintain focus on my goal.”

Pavlok utilizes psychological conditioning which breaks bad habits quickly and permanently. Every time you perform your bad habit, Pavlok releases an uncomfortable electric stimulus. Instead of attempting to wean you off nicotine (like the patch or gum), Pavlok uses proven behavioral science to quickly reduce cravings and train your brain away from the desire to smoke.

The way Bud used Pavlok was unbelievably simple: If he took a puff, he got zapped. No gums to chew or patches to apply.

“It was remarkable how quickly that happened. I virtually quit overnight. I can honestly say with no hyperbole that Pavlok really has changed my life.”

Bud spent five minutes per day purposely having a cigarette and triggering his Pavlok. These training sessions meant that his brain repeatedly associated the uncomfortable shock with the cigarette he was smoking.

In addition to the daily five-minute sessions, Bud zapped himself for every craving he had throughout the day. When he gave in to the temptation, a simple press of the button on his Pavlok snapped him out of his cigarette craving. His brain instantly began to recognize the connection between smoking and the zap.

In less than a week, Bud reported that his cravings had subsided significantly and he no longer wanted to smoke.


Pavlok harnesses the power of aversion technology with proven scientific methods and techniques that help millions of people each day conquer their habits and reclaim control of their lives.

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